Robo Hobby
Preparing children for a bright future with the help of robotics
We teach children to create their own robots, programs and computer games

Why robotics and programming?

STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills offer exciting career opportunities now and into the future. Experts predict that computerisation and technology are likely to change the nature of 44% of Australian jobs over the next 20 years. The future workforce must be technologically savvy and able to innovate. In recent years, STEM qualified jobs have grown at one and a half times the rate of other jobs. Research indicates that 75% of the fastest growing occupations now require skills in STEM.
We engage children with entertaining workshops based on LEGO Education kits, progressing to more complex and industry-applicable projects in later years. These projects include, for example, programming in Scratch, assembling LEGO Mindstorms robots and presenting their work to their peers. The final levels of our program prepare students for entering international competitions in robotics.

Why choose us?

Children in our classes work in pairs to achieve shared goals.
Every lesson — a new robot, a new way of solving problems and developing new ideas.
Every level — new projects where children invent and build their own robots.
Robotics demonstrates practical connections between the components of STEM, helping students develop their critical thinking.
Working as a team and taking part in various competitions, children develop their communication skills.
Increased participation of girls in STEM activities, especially at the most effective age bracket of 5–8 years
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